Hanako and Anne for 5 minutes - Week #23 - Encounter with Anne

Summer in 1938 The war with China is continuing and peoples have been forced to cooperate to military posture. Almost all of News that the Children News which hanako is in charge of broadcasts are the ones related to military.

Hanako and Anne #133 - Miss Blackburn to go home, the era to go into the one color.

Cafe Time Miss Udagawa enthusiastics to be a war correspondent. "To tell the truth, I have hoped to go to the field as embedded journalist if I have a chance." Ayako has wanted to confirm the truth firsthand. "It's natural as an author in …

Hanako and Anne #132 - Mitsuyo Udagawa applies for The Pen Unit, The era gets moving.

After the broadcast "What you read was different with the one we have had checked each othere." "Well..." "You said Teru or ... Teru-go." Hanako looks awkward. "I wouldn't liek to get involved in this case if it were in trouble. Well, Goki…

Hanako and Anne #131 - Doggy Soldier

At evening "Misato, Teru might not..." "He will be back!" Misato looks at Hanako. "He will give the forces all his best then certainly comes back. "If I am a good girl, does he get back sooner? "I think so." "I will be a good girl!" Hanako…

Hanako and Anne #130 - Miss Scott returns, and Footsteps of War

Summer in 1938 Five years later. Akira has recovered from the disease and works at Seirinsha. Momo and Akira got another baby girl. Hanako and Eiji has adopted Midori eagering to do so.

Hanako and Anne #129 - Her name is Misato, His name is Teru.

At Muraokas' living room She was named Misato "Misato..." "Gokigenyo, Misato!"

Hanako and Anne #128 - Momo's marriage and also Asaichi's!

At Muraokas' living room Akira, a painter, tells her his feeling. "I got it while drawing you. There is more important thing than being valued by those who are around you. It's to love an object you draw truly." Momo told the storys of her…

Hanako and Anne #119 - Goodbye Rainbow, Blessed Rain

Storyline Cafe Tiem Eiji asks Kayo whether Hanako came here. But Hanako didn't. At the Miyamotos She isn't also here."I don't hope she does something rash."Renko looks for Hanako with Eiji.

Hanako and Anne #118 - It has rained, saddest rain.

Storyline Ayumu passed away with children's dysentery at early morning on September 1. Funeral Eiji deliver a memorial address."Everyone, Please support her."Hanako still lowers her eyes.

Hanako and Anne #117 - Ayumu goes, Raining outside

日本語版はこちら。 Evening Eiji makes an ice pack for Ayumu.His fever does not go down.A doctor comes to examine him. "Doctor, Ayumu is..." "Unfortunately, He probably gets children's dysentery. "Dysentery?" "Oh my god, Please do something…

Hanako and Anne #116 - Ayako views Kichitaro with faver, Crystal radio

Storyline Daytime Ayumu shows Hanaka a picture he drew.But she seems to busy with translation work.Ayumu looks sad. Nighttime Hanako is doing translation without sparing time for sleep. Sunday In the morning, Ayumu gets happy seeing the sk…