Hanako and Anne #116 - Ayako views Kichitaro with faver, Crystal radio

花子とアン第116回 吉太郎に好意を持つ醍醐さん



Ayumu shows Hanaka a picture he drew.
But she seems to busy with translation work.
Ayumu looks sad.



Hanako is doing translation without sparing time for sleep.



In the morning, Ayumu gets happy seeing the sky shining.

But Hanako isn't in her bed.
She is sleeping at her desk.
Ayumu  wakes up Hanako.

"Te!  Oh no, I've fallen asleep.


Hanako cannot go to sea as she has not finished the translation work.

Ayumu act up.
He draw a picture insted of going swimming.

"What are you doing? Stop!"

Ayumu is scribbling on he dictionary!
She scolds him. 


"Waht's up? Ayumu!"


Aniyan(brother) came up.
Ayumu  feels himself again.Aniyan creates someting for Ayumu.


Ayako appears there.

Look! she is putting on pink cloth and usual ribbon on her hair.
She has came to help Hanako hearing Hanako is busy.

"Kichitaro loves children, doesn't he?"

Ayako has a good feeling for Kichitaro.  


Livin room

Kichitaro talks with Ayumu.

"I found out my mom."


"I was watching above cloud with God. and I saw my mom."

"Above cloud?"

"Yeah. Mom seemed to busy reading English books, writing stories on papers, but looked fun. So I asked God that I wanted to go to that woman's place. "


"But I have blown my top today!"

"You would have really wanted to go swimming with your mom."

Kichitaro pats on the head of Ayumu.




"Wow! Yammy!"

They have lunch that Ayako made and brought.
Kichitaro eats  her dish and stares at her.




"Mom, You can hear voices of someone."

Kichitaro seemed to assemble a crystal radio for Ayumu. 
Ayako make smile gazing him.


Hanako listens to the crystal radio.

"Ayumu, You may have somethimg to say for your mon"


Ayumu apologizes to Hanako.
Hanako hags Ayumu.

"You are my darling boy."


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Ayumu makes believe he is a news anchorman.
Hanako is smiring.




"What's happend, Ayumu."

"I may have a fever."


Ayumu falls down into Hanako's hands.




Is darling boy ok?



Let's wrap it up for today,
Gokigenyo, Sayounara. 



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