Hanako and Anne #117 - Ayumu goes, Raining outside


Hanako and Anne #117 - Ayumu goes, Raining outside


Eiji makes an ice pack for Ayumu.
His fever does not go down.

A doctor comes to examine him.

"Doctor, Ayumu is..."

"Unfortunately, He probably gets children's dysentery.


"Oh my god, Please do something for him" 

"Doctor,  Please help him. Please, please!"

At that time, children's dysentery is one of the scariest deseases by which children lose theire life.
Cure for Ayumu continues.



Ayumu opens his eyes wide.

"Oh! Finally you feel better. Your eyes are so clear. You have had even such a high fever, your eyes have no cloud."

It's a vital symptom of children's dysentery with encephalopathy caused by extreme high fever.
Hanako does not know that that widely opened black eyes are the deadly prediction.

Ayumu closes his eyes.
Hanako continues to call him.

"The time is coming, enfold him."

Hanako holds up Ayumu.

"Oka-chama..." (Oka-chama means Mom)

"What? Ayumu-chan."

"if I say Oka-chama, reply Yes"

"I will!"




"Yes... Ayumu-chan? Can you hear me?"


"Yes, Yes!"


"Ayumu-chan, What? Say something, Ayumu-chan!"

Ayumu never reply anymore.
She hold Ayumu tightly.

At down of the day, Ayumu was...



Early morning, at The Miyamotos

A telegram reaches to Miyamotos.
Renko reads it.

"Ayumu has passed away this morning by children's dysentery."

At The Muraokas

"Hanako, Renko-san has come here."



Renko joins her hands.


Hanako breaks down crying.
Renko gets her arm around Hanako.

Hanako breaks down crying.
Renko gets her arm around Hanako.



Eiji deals with Kaijwara coming to take manuscripts.

"I'm sorry, but could you postpone the deadline of translations? She may not be able to do her works."

"Sure, Please tell Hanako that she doesn't have to worry about translations."

Kajiwara encourages Eiji.


At that night


"This is mama's darling
 This is papa's darling
papa's mama's darling

papa's mama's darling
This is mama's darling

Look! Rainbow!"


Raining outside.
Hanako falls asleep beside Ayumu being tired.



淋しき胸を 思ひやる
心に悲し 夜の雨の音