Hanako and Anne #118 - It has rained, saddest rain.

Hanako and Anne #118 - It has rained, saddest rain.


Ayumu passed away with children's dysentery at early morning on September 1.



Eiji deliver a memorial address.

"Everyone, Please support her."

Hanako still lowers her eyes.


Study room

Kichitaro takes the crystal radio.
Falling down crying.

Ayako staring at him.
She gives him her handkerchief gently.

"You were Ayumu's best friend."


At the Miyamotos

"Ayumu has gone to the heaven, hasn't he?"

Renko holds Junpe tightly.


At Muraokas

Hanako gazes at Ayumu's remains.
She goes to her study room.

Some Ayumu's mementoes are there.

"Hana, are you okay?"



Next day

Renko gives Hanako something.
Those are songs Renko puroduced for Hanako.


Hanako closes her eyes.
She gets started translating again. 



"How's Hanako been?"

"She's been working in her room."



Study room

Kichitaro says loudly.

"Why can you work even when just Ayumu has goen?"

Hanako says nothing.

Kichitaro goes out of room taking the crystal radio.

(Sounds of clock) 


Cafe Time

Kichitaro is angered by Hanako's attitude.

"I had the same feeling at that time"

Kayo talks about her feeling of the time Ikuya lost his life.
Kayo looks at his wristwatch.

"I was difficult, sad and afraid of living unless I was doing something."

Kichitaro is reminded of something by Kayo's words.




Hanako works up the translation.
Eiji calls to Hanako, but she starts writign something.
Rain is falling outside.



Kajiwara looks over munuscripts 
He hands one paper to Eiji.


"Ayumu, I wanted to read it with you.
But you will be home in the heaven. I was stupid.
If I knew you went so early, I wouldn't have worked so hard and could stay with you."

(Sounds of rain)

"It has rained.
Rain is falling in my heart.
You are my dearest treasure.
My life may have goen from this world with your life."







Heisuke looks for Hanako. 

"She may be sleeping as she was working all through the night."

"Really? She is nowhere."

Eiji runs out of home to look for Hanako.


Where has Hanako gone to? 
I'm warried. 


That's all for today,
Gokigenyo, Syonara.  



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