Hanako and Anne #128 - Momo's marriage and also Asaichi's!

花子とアン第128回 もも結婚、そして朝市も!

At Muraokas' living room

Akira, a painter, tells her his feeling.

"I got it while drawing you.
There is more important thing than being valued by those who are around you.
It's to love an object you draw truly."

Momo told the storys of her until then.

But Akira has known them.
Akira drew her feeling with her strong mind.

"From now on, let me protect you, please."

Hana looks at Momo.

Momo nods at him slightly, and smiles.


Summer in 1933

One year later, Momo and Akira married.
The picture he drew came in third on a exhibit.
And he have been working at Seirin-sha.

And Momo is blessed with a baby...


Some day

"Long time no see."

朝市 結婚

Asaichi visits Hana.

He wants to make the compositions of his students be published as a book.
Eiji and Hana are happy to take it on.

And Asaichi tells a strory of a comedian who mimics a voice of "Radio ma'am."


At that time, Hanako Muraoka saw a comedian when she went into Hibiya Public Hall. He began imitation of her voice like this: "Well next, Radio ma'am, Mrs. Kikuko Muraoka." She run away from there because of embarrassment.
(from アンのゆりかご―村岡花子の生涯 )


You know this comedial was played by "Buffalo Goro A."
Asaichi tells old storys and his thanks for Hana.

"Today, I'm here for one more thing to inform you."

He asks also Momo to come there.

"I'm getting married."

"Te! Get married?"

His partner is a sister of his co-worker.
She seems to be easy to get along with and to love to laugh.

"I'm happy to hear that. Congratulations, Asaichi!"

Hana crys as if it was her own.

"You finally made it."


In the middle of September


Momo rubs her stomach.

(initial cry)

"Bonny baby girl!" 


Momo whispers the baby.


The birthday of the baby of Momo and Akira is the same as Ayumu, Seplember 13.



Actually, Ume, a sister of Hanako, married Iwao Sakata. He was an artist and also an writer. Before that, Hanako took Ume lived and served in Hokaido under her care. By chace, the birthday of Ume's oldest daughter named Midori was the same day as Ayumu.
(from アンのゆりかご―村岡花子の生涯


That's all for today,
Gokigenyo, Sayonara.