Hanako and Anne #129 - Her name is Misato, His name is Teru.

花子とアン第129回 命名、美里 てるてる坊主のテル

At Muraokas' living room

She was named Misato


"Gokigenyo, Misato!"





Winter in 1933
It has passed three months.


Hanako modifies drafts of her news program.
Suddenly, Urushibara, a manager, changes the drafts.
Hanako gets lost her cool.

"Why don't you read as it is?"

Urushibara goes out of the room grinning.
Hanako gets started with reviewing them immediately.


Live broadcast

Hanako reads drafts.
Urushibara looks glam.
He asks him...

"Did shi modified the drafts?"


Urushibara gives her a dirty look.


At night

Hanako comes home from the radio station.

"Akira has come down."

He may have got tuberculosis.
Momo asks Hana to take care of Misato for some days.



Durig the daytime

Hanako is doing translation.
Suddenly, Midori gets crying out.
Then Eiji comes home.

"Midori, I have brought your friend."

Eiji picked up a puppy and brought it.

"How do you think of his name?"

"How is "Teru"? He made Misato smile in no time, "Teru" comes out of Teru Teru Bozu!"


A new memeber comes into Muraokas.


Eiji is making a dog house.
Hanako is reading a letter from her parents in Kofu.


Then Momo visits Hana.
Akira is going to go away for a charge of air.
Momo seems to focus on his cure.

"Could you please take care of Misato until he would be able to leave the hospital?"

Hana is happy to accept it


"I have had a thing to apologize for you."

"Waht is it?"

Momo apologizes for her hurtful words she said to Hana when she came to Tokyo.


(flashback starts)

"In the world, there are two types of human. Those who suits with Gokigenyo and... not."

"Do you think so? Life doesn't always go well."


"Well everyone, Gokigenyo, Sayonara."

(flash back ends)


"At that time, Your "Gokigenyo" came into my hear and made me gentle.


Nevertheless, I haven't appologized to you till now, I'm so sorry!"

"You don't mantion it. I'm the one who should recognize your feeling, sorry."

"Hana, I never think I'm in misery any more.
I'm really happy meeting Akira, being celebrated by you and Eiji, given the birth of Midori, and now I can take care of Akira.
I could think so thanks to you."



And Momo went to a place he was taking cure.



That's all for today,
Gokigenyo, Sayonara.