Hanako and Anne #130 - Miss Scott returns, and Footsteps of War

花子とアン第130回 スコット先生、再登場! そして戦争の足音

Summer in 1938

Five years later.

Akira has recovered from the disease and works at Seirinsha.
Momo and Akira got another baby girl.
Hanako and Eiji has adopted Midori eagering to do so.




Hanako is reviewing news drafts.

"Excuse me but is there any article of animal?"

Last year, Sino-Japanese war has occured.
Almost all of News broadcasted on "Kodomo Newspaper" are about war.



Misato is listning to radio.
Hanako reads news of Japanese lives in Canada.

"When does a story of animal start?"

美里 動物のお話は

Misato asks Eiji.
Eiji explains that the news of military horses, dogs and pigeons is the one she hoped for.
She looks sad.



At Miyamotos

"Mom, I would like to be a soldier."

He seems to apply for military forces but Renko diagree with it.

The dark of war is creaping into the life of people.



At Muraokas

Misato is playing with Teru.


Then someone nostalgic visits Hana.


S: Hello, Hana!


It's Miss Scott!

Kajiwara gives Hana a book Miss Scott recommends to translate.


H: Pollyanna! It's one of my favorite stories. Pollyanna... tries find hope in every difficult (inaudible). She's amazing.
S: I agree.


H: To publish a book with you, Miss Scott, is (inaudible).
S: For me, too.


H: How are the teachers well?
S: Some have left Japan for Canada.
H: I see. I heard the government's been putting puressure on mission schools, so I was worried.
S: I hate to think what may happen now.


H: パレアナ!私の大好きな物語です。どんなつらい時も希望を見出そうとする主人公が素敵ですよね。
S: ええ。


H: スコット先生と一緒に本を作れるなんて夢のようです。
S: 私もです。


H: 先生方はお元気ですか?
S: 何人かが日本を離れ帰国しました。
H: そうですか、、、ミッションスクールへの政府の圧力が強まったと聞いて、心配していたのです。
S: これからどうなっていくのでしょう。


スコット先生, Miss Scott, I hate to think what may happen now.



Hanako translates POLLYANNA.

Sounds of fan...

Footsteps of march...

Sounds of aircrafts...

The sounds of fun turns into sounds of propellers.



"We keep your dog for the nation.




"Where is Teru? Teru! Teru!"

Hanako tells Misato that Teru leaved for his work."

"Mom, Teru will come back, won't he?"

美里 お母ちゃま、テル帰ってくるわよね?


Hanako is lost for words to say.




Gokigenyo, Sayonara.