Hanako and Anne #133 - Miss Blackburn to go home, the era to go into the one color.

花子とアン第133回 ブラックバーン校長、帰国へ そして時代は一色へ

Cafe Time

Miss Udagawa enthusiastics to be a war correspondent.

"To tell the truth, I have hoped to go to the field as embedded journalist if I have a chance."

Ayako has wanted to confirm the truth firsthand.

"It's natural as an author in the time of war.

Miss Udagawa cuts in.
Ayako seems to be offered as a member of the pen unit by Miss Hasebe.

And Miss Udagawa targets Hyakuren.
She criticizes Renko about her love romances.
Mitsuyo Udagawa rides on the wave of the era and Renko rebles against it.

Miss Hasebe gets Hanako into the discussion.
Hanako wants to defend the dreams of children while Hasebe ans Udagawa dye into the madness of the time.

"i don't know why they can sink into one color."

Renko leaves there.


Muraokas' home

Eiji listens to Hanako talking her distress.

"Hanako, Shall we dance?"


Hanko and Eiji dance.

"I envy you, dad, mom."

Misato joins in.



One day

 "Charge, move!"


B: Miss Blackburn
H: Hanako
E: Eiji
S: Miss Scott


B: Stooooop! ...Gokigennyo.
B: Hana.
H: Miss Blackburn...
E: Once upon a time, I went to Shuwa Jogakko for borrow a dictionary and strong woman throw me.
B: Your English has improved.
E: Thank you very much.
S: Miss Blackburn will go home Canada soon. So she wanted to say goodbye to you.
B: I'm getting older.
H: I'm going to miss you.
B: Hana.
H: Yes.

B: In the future, I don't know what will happen between our two countries but what I do know is... we will be friends forever.
B: Wherever I may be, I will be wishing for your happiness with all my heart. Your translation's our symbol of friendship our two country share.
H: Miss Blackburn, your words are always in here. The best things are never in the past, but in the future.
B: Hana. Please keep this dream of mine alive. Love and peace for everyone in the country.


B: ストップ!、、、ゴキゲンヨウ。
B: はな。
H: ミスブラックバーン、、、
E: 僕は昔、修和女学校に辞書を借りに行って、たくましい女性に投げ飛ばされました。
B: あなたの英語は上達しましたね。
E: ありがとうございます。
S: 不ラックバーン校長はカナダに帰国なさいます。はなにお別れを言いに。
B: ももうお婆さんですから。
H: さみしくなります。
B: はな。
H: はい。
B: この先、国と国はどうなるかわかりませんが、ただひとつ、私たちは永遠に友達です。
B: 私はどこにいても、あなたたちの幸せを心から祈っています。あなたの翻訳は二つの国の友情のシンボルです。
H: ブラックバーン校長のお言葉は、いつも私のここにあります。最上のものは過去ではなく、未来にある。
B: はな。あなたが私の夢を引き継いでください。この国の人々に愛と平和を。



You can look back on the strory here.

男女七歳にして席を同じうせず! 白鳥かをる子でございます! - 朝ドラ「花子とアン」でこぴっと英会話



And here you can find the speace of Miss Blackburn indluding her words, "The best things are never in the past, but in the future."  

花子とアン 第42回 卒業、おめでとう、はな! - 朝ドラ「花子とアン」でこぴっと英会話




(sounds of knocking)

"Who is it?"

"Hana, it's me."


He looks around and close the door.

"Don't close to Renko's house for a while."


"You don't have to think of it. Do as I said. Understand?"





Kichitaro is a military policeman...




Let's call it a day,
gokigenyo, sayonara.