Hanako and Anne #132 - Mitsuyo Udagawa applies for The Pen Unit, The era gets moving.

After the broadcast "What you read was different with the one we have had checked each othere." "Well..." "You said Teru or ... Teru-go." Hanako looks awkward. "I wouldn't liek to get involved in this case if it were in trouble. Well, Goki…

Hanako and Anne #131 - Doggy Soldier

At evening "Misato, Teru might not..." "He will be back!" Misato looks at Hanako. "He will give the forces all his best then certainly comes back. "If I am a good girl, does he get back sooner? "I think so." "I will be a good girl!" Hanako…

Hanako and Anne #130 - Miss Scott returns, and Footsteps of War

Summer in 1938 Five years later. Akira has recovered from the disease and works at Seirinsha. Momo and Akira got another baby girl. Hanako and Eiji has adopted Midori eagering to do so.

Hanako and Anne #129 - Her name is Misato, His name is Teru.

At Muraokas' living room She was named Misato "Misato..." "Gokigenyo, Misato!"