Hanako and Anne #131 - Doggy Soldier

花子とアン第131回 犬の兵隊さん テルがニュースに出たよ!

At evening

"Misato, Teru might not..."

"He will be back!"

Misato looks at Hanako.

"He will give the forces all his best then certainly comes back.

"If I am a good girl, does he get back sooner?

"I think so."

"I will be a good girl!"

Hanako lied wanting not to let her down.


At night

Misato imagines of Teru.

Nice music heard from buckgraound.
It's Kjiura sounds. Awesome!

Here you can find another informasion of Yuki Kajiura! 

梶浦由記さん、スタパに登場! - 朝ドラ「花子とアン」でこぴっと英会話


Misato gets to asleep hoping for Teru's early returning.

"What should I do even though I sad such a thing..."

Hanako regrets the lie shi tell Misato.


After that

Misato is longing for the return of Teru.

"Misato, your uncle Kichitaro has come."


"Misato, you have grown up so much since we met last time.

Kichitaro visit to Muraokas.
He came there for asking an autograph of Hanako for a son of his superior.
Misato eats Manju Kichiataro brought.

(Time tone)

Hanako leaves home for the radio station.



Kichitaro is looking at Misata drawing something.
He finds that Teru isn't there.
Misato hopes for the return of Teru.

"If I trys to be a good girl, He will be back, won't he?"

Kichitaro looks on Misato.

"If he were not be able to come home, it would mean he has had serveed for the nation."

"Teru never be back?"

Kichitaro lost his words.

"No! No way!"

Misato goes to Eiji crying.

"I'm sorry, I said something unnecessary..."

Kichitaro aporogize to Eiji.  




Hanako greets Urushibara, Arima and Kurosawa with a glam face.

"How dare she says 'Gokigenyo' with shch a dark face." (Arima)

"It's all right if she can just read the copies without mistake." (Urushibara)


Wating room

Hanako gives a sigh because all of news are military.

"Mrs. Muraoka, I found news of animal. It's a good news." (Kajiwara)


Right before live

"Pronunce properly, Speak fluentry and Read each word on drafts precisely!
Checkup of the authorites is becoming more strict day by day.
It has got 
more important to read drafts correctly."

Arima gives Hanako a warning.




Misato gaze at the dog house of Teru.

Hanako tells a story of doggy soldire.

Misato listens to the radio.

Then Hanako suddenly changes the draft and calls the dog Teru.

"Teru! It's Tery! There is Teru on the news!"

Misato delights at the news of Teru

Confirming its draft, Kurosawa make his face herder.
Arima shoots evil eye to Hanako.
Hanako puts an uncomfortable look on her face.


It would be somethin wrong. (Miss Miwa)






By the way, Misato is played by Miku Iwasaki.


Miku Iwasaki
Born in 2008



Let's wrap it up for today,
Gokigenyo, Sayonara.