Hanako and Anne #132 - Mitsuyo Udagawa applies for The Pen Unit, The era gets moving.

花子とアン第132回 宇田川満代、ペン部隊として戦場へ 大きく動き始めた時代

After the broadcast

"What you read was different with the one we have had checked each othere."


"You said Teru or ... Teru-go."

Hanako looks awkward.

"I wouldn't liek to get involved in this case if it were in trouble. Well, Gokigenyo, Sayonara."

Arima leaves his seat.  


"Mrs. Muraoka, I have something to talk with you." (Kurosawa)




Kirosawa intrrogates why she changed the draft during the broadcast."
Hanako lowers her head.

"Even though it's the news for children, you masn't pervert the truth. That's the broadcast."

And kurosawa tell her that the control by the authorities becomes more strict.

"You have modified the draft that the authorities have had reviewed..."


Urushibara shoots his anger to Hanako.
Urushisbara thinks of only his position.

"You women would always..."

He goes away.




Hi, mammy. Teru is doing well, isn't he?"

Misato is thinking of Teru-go as Teru mistakenly.



Hanako makes a sigh remembering the words Kurosawa said.  



Hanako tells Eiji that she changed the draft.

"You gave Misato a fantastic gift today."

"I want to save the dream of children no matter where the world goes into."



(sounds of fan)

There is a call from Miss Udagawa...

"I have something to inform you. Please come to the Cafe of Kayo."

"Te! At 3 pm Today?"

"You must come.""


Ummm, only Miss Udagawa coiuld, so assertive.
Then Ayako come by.
Hanago goes out with Ayako.

(sounds of aircrafts)


Hana, with the progress being made on these aircraft, will they usher in a time of peace? Hm? Or lead us further into war and misery?

How will humankind use these air planes, huh? For peace or for destruction?


Hanako remembers what Miss Blackburn said.


If you need more information, Check here.!

花子とアン第94回 名前は「歩」 そしてブラックバーン校長再び! - 朝ドラ「花子とアン」でこぴっと英会話


Cafe Time

"I have decided to go to a battlefield in the continent as The Pen Unit.

Miss Udagawa is going to combat field as a war correspond.


The era gets moving enomously. (Miss Miwa)



Next week, 23th week, you will find "Meeting with Anne."




Well then,
Gokigenyo, Sayonara.